Vodafone Machine-to-Machine

Connected Energy and Utilities

Innovative and reliable Machine-to-Machine solutions
evolving the Energy and Utilities industry

Enable your technology to not only talk to each other, but also share real-time data with your contacts; from operators to management

Join the Energy and Utilities technology revolution with Vodafone M2M.

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Your industry is, perhaps, the most challenging on the planet. The demand for energy is rising just as legislation and political pressure is growing to ensure the sector acts to combat Climate Change. It’s a perfect storm of forces made only more complex by the need to update your infrastructure.

M2M is already enabling organisations to get closer to their customers, enable them to be more energy efficient, and increase the reliability of asset tracking, site security, remote monitoring, and, of course, compliance with regulatory demands. It’s easy, reliable and efficient.

Unlock tomorrow’s opportunities today.

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