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BYOD and the mobile enterprise: the facts and the future

Current Mobile OS market share

The dominance of Android and iOS is forecasted to reduce as Windows Phone 7/Windows Mobile will make significant gains in the market over the next few years.

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Windows Mobile
Windows Mobile

Support in a changing mobile landscape

Rapid changes to the range of mobile endpoints accessing enterprise resources highlight the complexity of managing the enterprise IT infrastructure.

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  • Android
  • Apple
  • Windows
  • BlackBerry

But it does mean a security black-hole now exists...

The rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones has led to their security lagging that of laptops and Ultrabooks.

Compare the security risks of laptops, smart phones and tablets by clicking below.

87%Antivirus software
55%Antivirus software
35%Antivirus software
55%Data encryption on device ('data at rest')
49%Data encryption on device ('data at rest')
29%Data encryption on device ('data at rest')
43%Mobile devices can be remotely locked or erased
42%Mobile devices can be remotely locked or erased
29%Mobile devices can be remotely locked or erased
Security risk of device

Which can prove costly... $179,270 –

potential maximum risk to their organisation from a single compliance lapse caused by a lost or stolen mobile device that could not be recovered. A single lost device may entail many compliance lapses.

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Change in the number of employee-owned devices

Industry benchmark: 42%
Industry benchmark: 46%

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Why adopt a device manager solution?

People are already evaluating andf using solutions...


Nearly 90% of IT Security Managers strongly or somewhat strongly agree that mobile devices are equal endpoints in the Enterprise and want to secure and manage them on par with desktops and laptops.


36% of security professionals said they were evaluating using a device manager solution.


33% of security professionals are using a device manager solution to enforce a unified security policy.

Device Manager meets all the key requirements...

IT Security Managers rated their top practices and related technologies to successfully enable and manage mobile technology.

Protecting information on devices

Authentication to the network and applications

Setting and maintaining security policies

Manage your mobile fleet via this sophisticated online service


Device Manager from Vodafone gives you the ability to manage 1 to thousands of devices within country, regionally or globally, all via a web console.

Our Device Manager partner is markert leader MobileIron...


Vodafone Global Enterprise and MobileIron manage 225,000* devices globally.

*Correct as of March 2012

Adapt to a changing landscape to manage your mobile fleet easily and effectively